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Wismantix is an enterprise-ready Data Center Management Software

purpose built with the most advanced operational features available today.

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Wismantix is built for enterprises

Enterprise ready

Made to support large data center architecture.

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Wismantix helps you gather machine data fast

Real-Time data gathering

Real-time data gathering, monitoring and analysis.

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Wismantix gives you global overview of Data Centers world wide

Global overview

Detailed view of multiple Data Centers across the Globe.

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Wismantix makes valuable insights ready

Valuable insights

Turn device generated data into valuable information.

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  • Data Center View
  • Data Center Management
  • Devices Viewer
  • Patch Panel Administration
  • Data Center Requests
  • Discovery Manager

Data Center View Functionalities:


  • Device search engine (by Data center | Device name | WWN, MAC or IP Address)
  • Data Center tree view
  • Visual view of device Location (Rack | Row)
  • Device power connectivity view
  • Device Properties view
  • Visual view of each data center level (data center, floor, room, rack, row, device)
  • Power Consumption view of the Data Center ( Data Center | Floor | Room | Rack | Row | Device)

Data Center Management

The Data Center Management module provides the ability to create, import and update data center properties and devices location with a graphical view.

Data Center management functionalities:

  • Manual or automatic import of data center properties and location on a Map
  • Floor creation
  • Room creation with image import (.jpg, .png, .pdf, …)
  • Row creation with room location selection
  • Rack creation with row location selection
  • Rack Space allocation for devices
  • Power Distribution connection to devices

Devices Viewer Functionalities:

Advanced search engine for data and status analysis.

  • Search engine enable search by: Data center | Fabric | Brand | Device Type | Device Name | WWN, MAC, IP Address
  • Device properties: Location, Connection, Physical/Logical Components, Capacity, Events…

Patch Panel Administration

The Patch Panel administration feature aims to define and display the connection information such as: Connection type, Cable type, Cable structure, Cable size, Operational Status, Connector Polishing Type (FC), etc.

Patch Panel Port functionalities:

  • Back-End and Front-End
  • Patch Panel Front-End to Device connection
  • Patch Panel Back-End to Patch Panel Back-End connection
  • Copper or Fiber Patch panel templates creation, with different port orientation, port number and numbering

Data Center Request:

Data Center requests are commonly raised by the Data Center Manager in order to fulfill all pre-requisites prior to the implementation. The Data Center request module designed in Wismantix supports our customer with the following requests. 

Types of data center requests:

  • Floor Space Allocation Request
  • Cabling Request
  • Domain Name Server registration
  • Hostname request
  • Decommissioning request

Discovery Manager:

Wismantix enables automatic discovery of devices, which are regularly refreshed using the following protocols: SNI-s, REST, SNMP as well as discovery of non-intelligent devices.

Discovery Manager Functionalities:

  • Automatic discovery and data refresh over SNI-s, REST, SNMP protocols
  • Device connectivity discovery
  • Fabrics discovery
  • Zone DB discovery

Always know what is going on in your Data Center

Improve Infrastructure Data visibility and consistency across different vendor platforms

Wismantix can help you save time

Time Savings

Engineers no longer need to be on-site to identify asset location in the data center. Physical, virtual or converged infrastructure location details are available from a centralized dashboard.

Wismantix can help you increase stuff productivity

Increased Stuff Productivity

Accurate real-time data helps data center managers to make the right decision for their orgnaization.

Wismantix can help you save money

Cost Savings

Understanding assets and network connectivity enable efficient and accurate capacity planning. Wismantix is the centralized Management platform for data center around the Globe.


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