Making complete data usage fast, safe and simple.

What is Wismantix ?

Wismantix provides the only data connection solution that delivers full enterprise-wide data that is available in real-time across any business applications and assets.
This enables you to track your budget for security and monitoring solutions and ready you for machine learning to further reduce complexity, and capital and operational costs – allowing you to work smarter, faster and more securely.

Our Products

Illuminate your data and simplify your business.

Wismantix Neurons

Managing multiple enterprise management vendor-locked solutions across different formats costs time, resources and creates risk and severely limits the ability to maximize the value of your data. Wismantix Neuron Connectors provides true end-to-end observability by collecting and unifying disparate data from any applications or devices in your network in real-time to a centralized event-steaming platform. It doesn’t matter where your data sits — our connector can capture any data, in-house or on the Cloud, and report on it within minutes. This means not waiting a whole day or two for logs and also means far more accurate and insightful reports.

Our Products

Collect metrics, not logs: realize cost-savings and deeper insights.


Discover all storage devices seamlessly with the Storage Neuron to realize a single source of truth that includes capacity, performance and events.


Whether your workloads run on-premise or in the Cloud, our Virtualization Neuron creates live streams of data allowing you to integrate collected information from any third-party application.


Enhance and automate network asset discovery with our Network Neuron.

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