Elastic Stack

Elastic Stack

We believe less is more and think you do too. With our Wismantix Solution, the complexity created by multiple tools to gather information from IT systems is removed. The Wismantix Neurons allow you to pull all information into a central data streaming platform and display the collected information in a totally consistent way. This opens the door to tremendous opportunities. Combine the power of Wismantix with your Elastic Stack to increase your cost savings and make your data. Machine Learning ready.

The Wismantix solution aims to fill the gaps of observability; rather than collecting logs, Wismantix Neurons collects Metrics from any Infrastructure Layer components: Application, Database, Network, Storage, Compute, Racks etc…

Elastic Stack & Wismantix Solution

  • Single Tool Provides full observability
  • No Application outage risk.
  • No redundancy of information
  • Multiple and dispare reports connected automatically
  • Ability ot make proactive business decision.
  • 100% accurate data
  • Constant view of capacity
  • Machine Learning & AI ready
  • Reduced number of required resources

Kafka Source Topic Statistic view in Kibana

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Elastic Stack


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