Data Engineering

We thoroughly understand data and we understand your business needs given our background in systems integration – this unique combination of capabilities means we can help you reduce your operational costs through machine learning.

Consulting Services​

Partner with us to design and setup customized data streaming and analysis platforms. Whether you need assessments for storage solutions, architecture design, implementation of a solution or other need, our team of data technology and programming experts can help.

Operations Services​

Rely on us to help monitor and manage your data and report on it, 8×5 or around the clock, on premises or in the public cloud. Working as an extension of your team, we can operate real-time event data streaming platforms to help you easily access and understand your enterprise data and improve your business productivity.

Kibana Dashboard Customization​

Let us create, customize and format Kibana visualizations to discover hidden data patterns for you.

Elastic Data Indexing

Let us configure your monitoring & security tools with Wismantix to increase your cost savings.

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